Amsterdam escort lady, sweet story

In Amsterdam with an escort lady: Lust took hold of me. Almost automatically, I pulled my cock out of its now too tight crevice and slowly slid my foreskin back and forth over the head. I was afraid it might come off, so I was a bit cautious. I was about to return to my compartment to jerk off in peace when I heard the intercom door of the carriage open.

I heard voices and footsteps. My sadness was immense. I had no intention of disturbing the idyllic scene I had been observing, but I had no choice but to quickly slip into the compartment. After all, I didn't want to get caught masturbating, so this seemed like the lesser of two evils. Thus, I found myself in the compartment with my erect cock in my hand, daydreaming about a hot escort in Amsterdam! Guilty and stumbling with shame. The couple looked at me with shock and disapproval.

But their shock had rendered them speechless. "I apologize, please," I begged for understanding, "I'd like to explain...". I quickly adjusted the curtains to block any view into the compartment. Then, I sat in the opposite corner and explained how I ended up in this situation. The escort lady, a beautiful blonde in her forties, tried to cover the sagging nudity of her duo escort partner with her hand, but all she achieved was stretching and stretching him again.